Is there complete truth in single Religious Scripture

The religions that are predominantly exist as of today are mostly monotheistic.As known Christianity and Islam being forming more than half of the population of the world.The terms such as ‘Religious Conversion’,’Born Again Christian’,’Jihad’,’Terrorism’,’Crusade’ etc. make us question ourselves whether , did God really behind formation of this religions, or are this man-made laws in order to control the crimes happening around the society. The holy books like Bible,Quran,Tripitaka,Bhagavad Gita,Vedas, Upanishads, Guru Granth Sahibh,Agam Sutras,Torah such as teach the way of life to be followed in order to redeem oneself during a life time on earth.

Why are there so many religions, if all teach the same thing?

Although all the religious scriptures teach the truth to redeem oneself, yet there is divide in terms of the way it should be achieved.The below Venn Diagram shows that there is link between Abrahamic religions, but if we closely analyse the purpose of the religions they all tend to say the same thing, thus overlapping in various parts yet having their unique set of teachings.


One perception to group the believers in to reduced number of religions

Following the truth, as a born and brought up as a Christian I believed Christianity is the only religion that teaches right things.But over the years of debates I found out that all the religions teach a common thing that is Humanity, for which I could point out the parable of good Samaritan from the bible. Now if we look more closely into religions we find there are two sets of religions:abrahmic(based on social situations in middle-east) and non-abrahmic(based on societies in other part, predominantly from ancient India). If we further investigate, Hinduism seems to be the oldest religion on earth, whose one teaching from Vedas says-‘Truth is one, Ways are Many‘.

This groups now all religions under a big umbrella religion of Hindusim, as Christians believe Christ and Muslims as Muhammad is the way,Buddha was a born hindu.To put it in a nutshell, All the ways are real and true, but following one belief system without losing the contextual meaning of the scriptural  message that it wanted to convey would lead the world peacefully towards redeeming one’s self in this temporary world

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